What is fleetzen?

Fleetzen is a service using which you can request a vehicle such as a pickup truck, a van or a SUV using a smartphone app. As a bonus you will also get a helping hand in the form of our customer friendly drivers.

When can I use fleetzen?

Think of every situation where you needed to rent a pickup truck or a van from services such as U-Haul or think of every situation where you had to request a buddy with truck to help you out. We are that buddy with a truck. Some typical usage scenarios are – purchases from big box stores such as Costco/IKEA/Home Depot/Lowes, Craigslist purchase, Goodwill run, dump yard runs, appliance delivery etc., If it fits in the back of a pickup truck or a van or a SUV, rest assured it can be delivered.

Who are the drivers?

 Fleetzen is a service offered by the members of your community who own a pickup truck, a van or a SUV. We have drivers who are writers, musicians, real estate agents, musicians, locksmiths, mailmen, retired and active army personnel, airline employees, professional delivery drivers and more. Every fleetzen driver undergoes an extensive background check to ensure they can be trusted with our customer’s belongings.

What type of vehicle is available?

 Our fleet of vehicles includes pickup trucks, vans and Large SUVs.

What information do I need to provide to request a driver?

Sign in to the fleetzen app and just tell us where to pickup and drop-off, a clear picture of your item, and any specific details our drivers should know.The drivers will use this information to assess if their vehicle can meet your needs and respond accordingly.

How do you assign drivers to my job?

When you make the request you will also tell us the kind of vehicle you are looking for. We connect you with the drivers who own that vehicle type, nearest to the pickup location that you provided when creating the request.


What about driver’s identity?

Once a driver accepts your request you will be notified though SMS or in-app messages. You will also be able to see their name and picture, picture of their vehicle, and the license plate number in the app.


Can I communicate with the driver?

Yes. Once a driver accepts the request, you can interact with them via chat or the call functionality inside the app. More importantly, all the telephone conversations are carried over a toll-free line and the real numbers are never revealed to either of the parties.


Will the driver help me load and unload stuff?

Yes! This is an assisted move. In addition to help you move stuff from pickup to the drop-off location, the driver will also help you load and unload. Think of them as your buddy with a truck.


Will the driver help me secure the load?

Yes! The driver will help you secure the load.


How much does a delivery cost?

Check out pricing information here . We start the clock when the driver arrives at the pickup location and end the clock when the work is complete.


Can I ride with the driver?

No. Fleetzen helps you move goods from one point to other. We will not be able to accommodate your riding needs.


How do I pay for the service?

Payments are integrated directly inside the app. We collect and authorize your credit card information at the time you make the request and charge the card at the end of the transaction.


Do you offer insurance?

No. We do not offer any insurance at this point. We are actively working with insurance companies to tailor an insurance program that would fit our unique business.


Can I tip the driver?

Yes! Our drivers appreciate tips. At the time of payment you can use the tip slider on the fleetzen app to select the amount of tip you want to pay.


Where do I go for help?

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach us at support@fleetzen.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


How do I become a fleetzen driver?

That is easy! Just submit your contact information at https://fleetzen.com/drive-for-us/ and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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